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In New Braunfels, Texas, the deer often

At Alamo Meat Market & Provisions, we understand what it takes to create a high quality product with any wild game brought to us. We are a custom processing facility that has the ability to turn even the largest animals into your next meal. We focus on single batching, meaning that the animal you bring in is the animal you get back. To further the quality of our service, everything is vacuum sealed in convenient sized packages which allows for your meat to keep longer in the freezer.

For all of our out of town hunters, we offer shipping anywhere in the contiguous US (lower 48). We ship with ice packs through UPS or FedEx, feel free to call for more shipping information.

Proper handling of your harvest will help us guarantee the best quality of meat for your enjoyment. Cleanliness is a priority for us, and each animal is inspected by a staff member at the moment it comes in to make sure it’s up to our company standards. We reserve the right to refuse any harvest that does not comply with our standards or State Game laws.

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