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meet the processing team

From Whitetail to Axis to Elk, Aoudad, Bison, and beyond...Alamo Meat Market & Provisions is ready to be your year-round personal processing crew!

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The butcher and the sausage maker

Kriss-Abigail (center) has spent the last eight years honing her craft in the world of wild game butchery right here in the Texas Hill Country. An avid outdoors woman, hunter, and educator, Kriss-Abigail approches every game animal with care and attention to detail, as if it were her own hunt.

Dee (left) has been in the sausage-making game for four years. Driven by a passion for crafting the very best in wild game products, her work is unmatched. Dee has studied under old-school and new-school sausage making professionals. She applies her knowledge, professionalism, and skill to every order - ensuring a delicious outcome every time.

Together, Kriss-Abigail and Dee provide a custom individual processing experience to every client that ends their hunt with Alamo Meat Market & Provisions.

Bespoke butchering and processing

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